About Taradasi Medics


Taradasi Medics is a family owned Zambian business. 

We take pride in helping African medics achieve their goals. 

A small company like ours is where everybody knows everybody else. This helps build a strong service orientated working culture. Every member of our staff knows that their salary is paid by clients, not administration.

This simple fact makes our service honest, fast and friendly.






We are in business since 2011. 

Our company was previously known by a different name. Then we decided to change it and start anew. 

During these 8 years we worked hard with more than 83 African Dentists and Medics.

Years In Business

Happy Clients Served

We are Dentists like yourself.

Our Managing Director is a Dentist Surgeon with 25 years of experience. Most of our managerial staff has Dental experience as well. 

This makes a world of difference. Because we learn what equipment works well and what doesn’t not from our clients’ words, but from our own experience. 

We take a delight in helping our clients after purchase as well.

If you have any professional questions about any materials, equipment and instruments, please ask us.

On The Same Page With You

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