How To Choose The Best Dental Chair

The dental chair is the very centre of your dental practice, which can make or break your dental business. It is the essential dental equipment that needs to be functional as well as comfortable.

Modern dental chairs come with many inbuilt technologies that can influence the efficiency of your work and the patient comfort. When you start your dental business considering some of these important factors while choosing the right chair can enhance your ergonomics, leading to a successful dental career.

1. Comfort

Dental chair design has a huge impact on patient comfort as well as your productivity. The dental chair should provide good standing posture to work efficiently.

Features that aid in chair comforts are:

  • Proper cushioning to support the patient
  • Adjustable headrest and backrest, these help to get better access
  • Adjustable armrest helps with ease of patient’s entry and egress
  • The mechanical chair positioning feature should be there
  • The chair should not be too narrow or too wide

2. Functions and features

Modern dental chairs offer improved technological features that boost your productivity and effectiveness. These advanced features enhance patient confidence and comfort. These features include:

  • A control panel enabling you to adjust the chair positions, lifting and lowering speed of the chair.
  • Programmable memory for seat positions.
  • Joystick-like foot control.

A most important feature of all is its reliability. A good dental chair should perform well for not less than 10 years.

3. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is also an important factor while choosing a dental chair. It is one of the obvious things that appears first to the patient. Most of the dental chairs can be customized to match the fabric and the design of your office.

4. Operatory accessories

Dental chairs with operatory accessories include delivery system and chair mounted lights. These configurations make the dental chair easy to install. Electric and utility configurations reduce the need for any extra wiring. There are configurations to help with cabinet installed and mobile cart delivery system.

Presently, most preferred dental chair is freestanding chair ceiling mounted lights with the delivery system located behind the patients’ head. This gives easy access to the dentist and reduced patient anxiety as it keeps the instruments out of patients’ view.

It is the most critical purchase, taking an expert opinion can save you precious time and money. In any dental chair functionality, design, and accessories all need to be considered.

Some more qualities to be considered in a good dental chair:

  • Check for the stability of the chair while elevating it to the maximum height.
  • The quality of the base plate. Good finishing of the baseplate prevent it from scratches and rust.
  • There should be a smooth movement of the dental chair and should have a locking mechanism.
  • In accessories, LED lights are preferred due to less heat generation and longer lifespan. The controls of the lights should be easy to reach.
  • The dental chair should consist of other equipment like x-ray unit, the RVG sensor, LCD monitor, intra-oral camera, suction unit, air compressor, and scaler. There should be an adequate radius of movement for these delivery systems in the operating area.

What Happens When You Choose The Wrong Chair?

The dental chair is the place where you spend most of your working time, hence any functional nuisance of the chair can affect your productivity as well as health. In the long term, it will affect your dental career.

The dental chair is a central point that can cause anxiety and fear in patients.

  • Dental chair with limited operating posture will lead to discomfort and musculoskeletal disorder in dentists.
  • Ergonomics get compromised due to the wrong dental chair. In the long term, it will affect your dental career.
  • The patient will get strained during treatment if the chair is uncomfortable.

Types of Dental Chairs

There are different types of delivery system associated with the dental chair. Understanding these types can help you to choose the right unit for your practice.

1. Rear delivery system

In this, all the clinical instruments are accommodated behind the patient, which frees up space for other dental equipment in the operatory.  This type of chairs are less expensive and they also keep the instruments out of view for patients, reducing their anxiety. This works well when 4-handed dentistry is practiced, but not suitable for the 2-hand function. Without an assistant, this makes the operator lean excessively to reach for the instruments.

The rear delivery system also limits the access to 11 to 12 o’clock position during the procedure.

2. Side delivery system

This system works well in the 2-handed operatory. It provides quick access to instruments while working. The ergonomic concern with this delivery system is, the tendency to lock in one working position leading to fatigue and pain. It is advised to change position frequently while working.

You can reposition the side delivery system while moving around the patient’s head. Sometimes productivity is compromised by the side delivery system as it obstructs the dental equipment in the operatory. Another factor to be considered is it is not interchangeable for left-handed practice.

3. Over-the-patient delivery system

This system allows free movement around the patient’s head. The unit is attached to one of the arm extended over the patient’s chest, making easy access to instruments for both dentist and assistant. It gives high visibility and close proximity to work efficiently. This system adapts well for both right and left-handed operatory.

There is a possibility that this system can get bumped by the patient, hence it is not advisable for pedodontic practice. Shorter operators may suffer from neck and shoulder pain with this system.

4. Over-the-head delivery system

This is developed by combining the benefits of over the patient, rear, and side delivery system. In this supplies are in an ideal position and handpiece is at the rear end. It reduces ergonomic challenges and is also configured well for right and left-handed operatory.

Relationship with the engine

Depending on the chair relationship with the engine, the dental chair can be of three different types:

  1. Ceiling mounted dental unit – all the attachments are mounted on the ceiling with the chair positioned below them.
  2. Portable dental chair – folding type wheel mounted chairs, that are easy to transport.
  3. Chair mounted dental unit – all the attachments with the dental engine are within the chair.

Some more variations in the dental chair

  • Chairs for oral surgery – footrest allows the chair to be lowered completely.
  • Orthodontic chairs – provide a variety of seating position to meet the dentist requirements.
  • Pediatric dental chair – these are specially designed to fit for children. There are also bright colored cartoon themed chairs with a screen for video games to attract kids.
  • Simple chairs for routine examinations.

Well designed dental chairs with the ergonomic feature are important for you and your dental team. Research well and invest in the right chair that can enhance your dental practice.

Guidelines To Choosing The Right Dental Chair

Choosing the right chair is important for you to avoid any work-related pain. A desirable chair should aid in a neutral posture of the spine, shoulder, and wrist, support proper body mechanics, and limited excessive reaching. A common problem experienced is difficulty in gaining close proximity to the oral cavity without excessive forward leaning. This can cause dysfunction, shoulder pain or back pain to the dentist.

Ergonomic Features To Be Considered For Patient Chair Selection

Thin, small headrest – this gives more leg room and easy accessibility to the patient. The double-articulating feature in headrest can greatly help while operating on the upper arch. The magnetic headrest also increases flexibility with side bending of the patient’s head and help in the access to difficult areas. Large knobs behind the headrest can limit your accessibility by hitting the knees or the edge of the operator chair.

Narrow upper backrest – this feature is required for the close patient position and easy movement around the patients’ head, especially with 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock positions.

Height adjustment – the chair should be able to adjust low enough to allow the dentist for neutral seated posture. This feature helps short operators to work efficiently. While doing extraction or taking impression chair needs to be high enough for you to stand comfortably.

Swivel characteristic – this allows the chair to rotate in the operatory and is helpful when there is minimal space between patient headrest and the counter.

Length of the chair – this comes into consideration when you have a small operatory. The advisable length of the chair is 55 to 61 cm that allows you to work in the 12 o’clock position. A traverse feature allows the chair to glide horizontally to back and forth.

Sling style armrest – this helps you to work in 8 to 10 o’clock position without hitting the knee.

The modern dental chair comes with a mounted screen with an intraoral camera attached to it. This can help you greatly in educating the patient during treatment.

Popular Dental Chair Manufacturers

The competition is high in the market for dental chairs. Every brand tries to deliver the product that is unique with optimum comfort. Price of these dental chairs ranges from $600 to $25000 depending on their features and functionality. The dental chairs are customized to meet your office needs, so the price changes accordingly.


It is a well-known company that designs and manufactures different dental equipment. It introduced A-dec 500 back in 2004 which has undergone numerous iterations and has come out as the best dental chair system in the global market. It has been the best choice for dentists across the world and is the one product you will never regret buying.

A-dec is known for its reliable and superior quality products. It is an ergonomic, solid dental chair that meets all your needs.



Price range

A-dec 500 dental chair

More patient comfort, close proximity to patient, healthy posture


A-dec 400 dental chair

Solid reliable performance


A-dec 300 dental chair

Robust design, needs minimal maintainance


Performer dental chair

Built for heavy usage for longer hours


A-dec 200 dental chair

Comfort and accessibility



Danaher develops and sells the most reputable dental equipment. It is a trusted brand when it comes to a quality dental chair.


Midmark develops the dental chair with an incorporated signature quality with in-house developed technology. It offers Midmark elevance dental chair, Midmark ultra trims dental chair and Midmark ultra comfort dental chair.

Price range is about $11000 to $15000

Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona manufactures a range of dental and oral health products. It offers a basic dental chair, sophisticated chair-based units with integrated diagnostic and ergonomic functionalities.

KaVo dental

It is one of the leading dental chair manufacturers. Known for producing time efficient and technologically advanced products.

It is made in Germany, known for quality, reliability, and efficiency.


Price range

Kavo unik 4 terminal dental chair


KaVo electrical dental chair






Tips For Choosing The Right Supplier

Check if a supplier can deliver spare parts promptly and efficiently, and can you reach the manufacturer quickly when needed.

  • The supplier should have essential certifications. CE certification shows the products are of good quality.
  • The supplier should have trained professional technicians to help you install the equipment.
  • Good customer support.
  • Spotless business history.

Luckily, we at Taradasi Medics have it all. Should you have any questions when choosing a dental chair, contact us. We are always able and ready to help you.

Final Words

Different dental chairs have different features that can be suitable for a specific practice. Reliability and brand name are important factors to be considered while buying a dental chair. The dental chair is a one-time investment which will run for a solid 10 years. Considering all the parameters you have to choose the one that will serve your purpose in every dental procedure you follow.

The dental chair is not for just the design or appearance, it should give you the result you need. A right dental chair can make your dental business successful. It is an investment done for long term benefits, so choose wisely.